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Our Design Methodology consists of a 3-stage process:

Stage One - Initi‍‍‍al Design Consultation Meeting

The initial design consultation meeting gives us an opportunity to discuss your ideas and offer advice on options based on our experience and your budget.  It also enables us to get to know you!  Your personality and style‍‍‍ should be reflected in your project to convey the atmosphere you would like.  This ‍‍‍needs to be considered from the first stages of the design process.

Stage Two - Conceptual Design

In the second stage we ‍‍‍take measurements and, along with ‍‍‍the information we've gathered so far, brainstorm ideas and prepare a Conceptual Design for you to consider along with an estimated price for installation.  We present this to you for your consideration and take your input at this stage to find out what needs to be removed, added, or modified for the plan to work for you at every level.

Stage Three - Final Landscape Master Plan

‍‍‍After obtaining the information from the initial concept presentation, our team can then prepare a Final Landscape Master Plan and Pricing Proposal with all existing structures and proposed landscape features.

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